the first word document is the concept and explain about the course, it around t

the first word document is the concept and explain about the course, it around the key point.these four article is accommodation for read, also you can use it as the referencing.Volkswagen group – Volkswagen cars Word limit: 2000-2200 (including industry analysis, references, TOC, and executive summary).1)The report should address the following queries,Which “competitive priorities” do you think are dominant in their procurement practices? Justify with evidence. Also, discuss the implications of these “competitive priorities” in their supply chain practices specifically related to procurement and sourcing.(suggestion 1000-1500 words )Competition CustomersCompetitive strategy(cost ,quality , delivery , Flexibility, innovation, choose main two competitive prioritiesPurchasing strategyManufacturing strategyDistribution strategy2)Taking the context of the company, what are the nature of buyer-supplier relationships(suggestion 600 words)3) important and appropriateness of the information provided regarding the company and its industry, references, TOC, and executive summary While your experience and views are the essential components of your assignments, the appropriate use of subject materials and literature are required to provide evidence-based suggestions. A minimum of 8 good-quality references is a requirement for this report.let me know if i did not make clear for you .thank you !
Requirements: 2000-2200   |   .doc file

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