The Camlann Village chamber of Commerce wants a handout to inform visitors about

The Camlann Village chamber of Commerce wants a handout to inform visitors about the quaint marketplace. Organize the following facts into an information sheet that would be an appropriate handout for the Camlann Hill Marketplace. Upload your document.The Camlann Hill Marketplace was developed after World War II when enterprising veterans returning home decided to build up the Camlann Village economy by creating a market that would attract customers from the surrounding counties. One of the founders was the prominent playwright Brian Wright. Wright was born in Camlann Village and became a Pulitzer Prize winner. The marketplace is open Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday, 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. The food stalls are open from May 15 to October 31. Other shops are open all year. Brian Wright was honored by the Village after his death in 2003 with a statue in the community rose garden. Local farmers bring vegetables, fruits, and homemade goods, such as breads, jams, and baked goods for sale at the marketplace. The marketplace is closed the first Saturday in October for the annual blessing of the pets. The marketplace opens daily for business when a merchant, selected annually by the other merchants, blows the old whistle taken from the nineteenth-century mill. A nearby park has picnic tables where customers can eat their purchases from the food stalls. Shops in the marketplace sell antiques, copper cookery, fish and meat, gourmet spices and groceries, and china.

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