Scenario: – ‘When Leadership falls short’ When board members do not lead effecti

Scenario: – ‘When Leadership falls short’ When board members do not lead effectively on health and safety management the consequences can be severe. These examples mark issues for all boards to consider. Competent advice, training and supervision Following the fatal injury of an employee maintaining machinery at a recycling firm employing approximately 30 people, a company director received a 12-month custodial sentence for manslaughter. The machinery was not properly isolated and started up unexpectedly. An HSE and police investigation revealed there was no safe system of work for maintenance, instruction, training and supervision were inadequate. HSE’s investigating principal inspector said: ‘Evidence showed that the director chose not to follow the advice of his health and safety advisor and instead adopted a complacent attitude, allowing the standards in his business to fall.’Monitoring The managing director of a manufacturing company with around 100 workers was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment for manslaughter following the death of an employee who became caught in unguarded machinery. The investigation revealed that, had the company adequately maintained guarding around a conveyor, the death would have been avoided. The judge made clear that whether the managing director was aware of the situation was not the issue; he should have known as this was a long-standing problem. An area manager also received a custodial sentence. The company received a substantial fine and had to pay the prosecution’s costs.The above extract has been taken from report ‘Leading health and safety at work’ published by the Health and safety executive in the UK ( report available at:- the context of the above extract, this task requires learners to create a ‘health and safety leadership report’ which outlines leadership actions for directors, board members, business owners and organisations to lead health and safety at work. The report should be based on any valid/real organisation chosen by the learner (a large organisation OR an MNC OR a small or medium enterprise based in any country).
Requirements: 2 days

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