PurposeThis assignment is designed to familiarize you with the genre of the expe

PurposeThis assignment is designed to familiarize you with the genre of the experimental video/video art and to prepare you to be able to create an experimental video project.InstructionsAfter learning about video editing techniques, create an experimental video about yourself. You may explore your interests, passion, and hobbies. Your clips should represent scenes, objects that you think represent who you are. The video doesn’t need to follow any coherent narrative or storyline, it can be abstract and experimental in nature.While you have the freedom to express who you are, the video should still incorporate the following aspects: Your clip should at least include 3 different types of clips:
a clip filmed with a tripod
a clip filmed by hand (which shows the movement)
a clip filmed with zooming in and out features.
Incorporate min. 3 techniques from lighting chapters, and 3 from the color chapters.
Combine these three clips and edit them into a single video that is between 3 min. 30 sec and 4 minutes. You will submit the final video and a brief description (no more than a paragraph) in terms of the techniques you used and what your video is representing.SubmissionYou will use your Miami-provided YouTube account to upload your videos and share the link to complete your assignment submission. You will also submit your brief description using the text field below.GradingReview the rubric below to learn more about the grading criteria.
Requirements: 1 day

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