Notes -Your movie review must be written about either a teen film or a superhero

Notes -Your movie review must be written about either a teen film or a superhero film. Please only choose one movie to review.Use the formatting described in the Movie Review directions Movie Review: How to Write a Review in 3 ParagraphsParagraph 1: Introduction and Main Idea HookHook Option 1: When you begin your movie review, make your own “trailer.” If you liked the movie, then your trailer should make people want to see it; but if you didn’t like it, the trailer should be something that shows why you didn’t like it. Don’t explain why you liked it or didn’t like it just yet (this goes in your thesis); make the reader like or not like the movie by what you describe. Begin your review by retelling an incident or moment from the movie which you think captures the spirit of the movie as you understood it.Hook Option 2: Begin your review with another kind of story or interesting fact–about one of the star actors, or about the making of the movie, or about the director.General InformationTell the reader all the obligatory information–the title of the movie, the director, the studio, the main actors, the year it was made (if you watched it on video), the rating. Thesis/Main IdeaState whether or not you appreciated the movie and give reasons (these reasons should match those in the body of the review).Paragraph 2: Plot summary and a key moment/detail Plot SummaryWhat happens in the movie? You shouldn’t include every detail, but you will want to summarize the basic plot of the movie. What is the movie about? What kind of themes are present in the movie? What genre does it fall into? Is it a typical movie for this genre?Key Moment/Detail or Example In this paragraph, go into detail about something important that interested you about the movie. If it was a musical, you should say something about the songs. If the soundtrack was good, explain why it was moving. You might write more about one character who was really fascinating or iconic, or briefly recap big moment from the movie and explain why it is important.Paragraph 3: Evaluate the Movie Do you recommend it or not? Who will like it (kids or adults)? The most important thing here is that you must also explain why you are making your recommendation.You must justify your opinion–and that opinion should grow out of what you write in the rest of the review. Give at least two or more reasons why you liked or didn’t like the movie.No conclusion paragraph is necessary for this assignment.At the end of the review, include a bibliographic citation for the movie in either MLA or APA. The general format can be found below; additional examples can be found on Canvas.MLA: General Format Movie Title. Directed by Name, performances by Names. Distributor, Year. Website if found online, URL if found online.APA: General Format Director’s Last Name, First Initial (Director). (Release Date). Title of film [Film]. Production Company or Studio. URL if found online.
Requirements: 3 paragraphs

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