Learning Goal: I’m working on a tourism discussion question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a tourism discussion question and need support to help me learn.Food Safety and Sanitation Discussion ContinuedWhy is this discussion continued? Because it’s that important of a subject. You need to be thinking about safety and sanitation constantly in a kitchen. It needs to become ingrained into your daily kitchen routines. Think about a restaurant or restaurants you have visited in the past or recently. Think about what you saw. What was the dining room like? Was it clean and orderly? How clean were the restrooms? Did the employees have clean uniforms and aprons? Did you get a peak into the kitchen? What issues did you see? And what were they doing right? In this Discussion, tell us about the restaurant. Give us three examples of what they were doing wrong . And give us three examples of what they were doing right, which is harder. It’s easy to find mistakes, people do it naturally. But picking out examples of good behavior as well is a talent every manager needs.You must also give a reply of at least 3 sentences to another students topic. Your entries into this discussion must be thought out and meaningful. No small entries or statements like “I agree”. You must add to the conversation. =============================================================Kyle GoldmanSep 14, 2021 at 10:43 PMI was recently at Glory Days Grill. The restaurant was full of people dining. The waiters and waitresses were wearing clean uniforms. The men’s bathroom was clean and well kept. 3 examples of what they were doing wrong:1) One of the food runners was delivering a tray of food to a table without a mask on. 2) The sound speakers on each table were not wiped down between customers.3) The menus had food on them and were also not wiped down between customers.3 examples of what they were doing right:1) The silverware was tightly rolled in the napkin to keep it clean 2) The tables were wiped down between customers.3) For the most part, all of the staff was wearing a mask.===============================================================///
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