Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.1st discussion: In this discussion, emphasis is on awareness of client quality and safety and in particular what is a “culture of safety.”Based on the review of the following websites at the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality answer the following questions.What values ensure a culture of safety?
How can healthcare facilities establish a culture of safety?
What is the nurse’s role in maintaining a culture of safety?
2 Discussion: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most forms of birth control are now covered by health insurance with no out-of-pocket costs, but there are limitations. Research the various methods/techniques of birth control and find statistical data on unplanned pregnancies across the United States and within your state.In your post, address the following questions:Are you surprised by the pregnancy rates within the United States and your state? Why or why not?
Should birth control products be free to anyone who wants to use it?
Should birth control products, such as condoms, birth control pills, and patches, be readily available for teenagers without a parent’s knowledge or consent? Why or why not? If so, at what age?
3 Discussion: Antibiotics have saved millions of lives since they were first observed by Pasteur and Koch and later named by Selman Waksman in 1942. Unfortunately, antibiotic-resistant microbial strains are becoming more prevalent and therefore making once easily treated infections more difficult to treat.For your initial discussion post, share your thoughts on three ways that society—not physicians or medical staff—can help to reduce the development of drug-resistant microbial strains.
Requirements: 2-3 short paragraph for each discussion

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