Learning Goal: I’m working on a history discussion question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history discussion question and need support to help me learn.The United States is a democratic republic, a representative democracy – where “We the People” elect representatives at all levels of government to make decisions (to enact and execute laws) on our behalf. An alternative system is direct or pure democracy, where the assembled people, rather than representatives of the people, directly make policy (Links to an external site.).While there is NO “direct democracy” on the federal/national level, a number of states – including California and Florida – have limited forms of “direct democracy” (Propositions in California; State Constitutional Amendments in Florida). In Florida, state Constitutional Amendments can be presented to voters through the “initiative” or “referendum” process (as discussed in the following video):1). Now, review some of the proposed Statewide Ballot Measures that were presented to citizens in various states throughout our nation during the 2020 General Election (Links to an external site.). Be sure to select “General Election” and “Year: 2020” from the drop-down menus provided. Identify ONE of the proposed ballot measures, and briefly explain its subject matter. Did the measure pass or fail? Express your views about the ballot measure – including whether it will have a positive, or negative, impact on the state in question (or on society, in general). 2). Finally, feel free to express your views about the Ballot Measure process itself. Should interest groups and citizens be able to enact public policy through the Ballot Measure process, a form of direct democracy? Or, is this an abdication of the roles and responsibilities of the state legislatures and Governors?
Requirements: answer all questions

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