Learning Goal: I’m working on a global studies question and need guidance to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a global studies question and need guidance to help me learn.Examination #1 will deal with Part One of this course – understanding globalization. It includes the readings, the corresponding power points, and the recorded lectures. This examination consists of five short answer questions and three essay questions. Each short answer question is worth 5 points, and each essay question is worth 25 points. Examination #1 is worth a total of 100 points (5×5 + 25×3)Students are expected to provide proper citations from the readings for the short answer and essay questions. Here is an example of a proper citation: (Steger, pg 2). Students who fail to properly cite will be marked down, at minimum half points.Students are expected to provide at minimum three sentences per short answer question. Each essay should be minimum three paragraphs in length. Paragraphs are expected to be six to eight sentences in length. Students who fall below the three-paragraph minimum per essay will lose points. Each essay response must include substantive material from the book, the power points and the lectures. Online sources cannot substitute for book material.Students should paraphrase all material for the essay questions. This means that there should be no direct quotations. Again, do not use outside sources. Stay within the course materials.
Requirements: 2000   |   .doc file

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