Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental science exercise and need an expla

Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental science exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Purpose: One of the best ways to apply your knowledge is to be inquisitive about the weather. Often, people become familiar with the weather where they live but are completely unaware of weather around the world. This assignment will give you an opportunity to think about the weather across the globe and apply what we are learning in class.You will maintain a weather journal on a word document (.docx)Assignment Details:Each week choose a location where you have not lived.[Four weeks: Week 1 – Aug 23-27, Week 2 – Aug 30-Sept 3, Week 3 – Sept 6-10, Week 4 – Sept 13-17]
Locate weather information about that location online.
Record the precipitation amount/type, high temperature, and low temperature for Monday-Friday of the week.
Discuss what trends happened during the week in the city.
EITHER apply a concept from class to explain these trends OR write a thoughtful question about the trends. [I expect as the semester progresses, you will have more applications of concepts.]
Example:City: [Choose a city where you have not lived]Week: [Add Dates][Report data:]Week 1MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayHigh Temp45°F37°F41°F35°F33°FLow Temp34°F25°F33°F25°F28°FPrecipitationNo PrecipRain 0.11inRain 0.08inSnow 0.02inSnow 0.02in[Describe trends, draw connections to class:]Trends: The high temperatures for the week varied from 45°F to 33°F. This was a small variation in temperature, that generally trended from warmer temperatures to cooler temperatures. On the other hand, the trend seemed to fluctuate with slightly higher temperatures on Wednesday. Monday was warmer, followed by cooler temperatures on Tuesday. Then, it was warmer Wednesday but cooler on Thursday and even cooler on Friday. The precipitation trended from no precipitation, to rain, and then to light snow.Question or Application: I wonder why there was heavier rain (0.11in) when the high/low was 37°F/25°F on Tuesday but no rain when the same trend happened on Thursday. I want to know what other weather conditions impacted whether there was precipitation.[In this example, please note the use of units to describe temperature and precipitation]
Requirements: 2 pages

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