Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and ne

Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need support to help me learn.Draw a simple food web for a natural area near you. The natural area can also include your backyard, open areas of condo and/or apartments, work, school, etc. Include producers and at least three levels of consumers, as well as, detritivores, and decomposers. Include the hand-drawn food web in your post. Do not include a food web of the Everglades unless you are at the park and observing. The goal of the assignment is to construct a food web using observations, not copying from known examples. Describe your area (no address or specific location needed) and discuss your food web with the class.
Also identify any non-native species in your food web.
Websites:Wild Florida Ecotravel Guide
Florida FWC wildlife and habitats
Reply to two of your classmates’ posts with substantive, conversation provoking comments on their submissions
Minimum Word Counts:300-400 words on first post
200 words on peer reviews for two student in post discussion (replies)
View the Discussion Rubric. Access this Canvas Guide to Learn HowREMINDER – This is basically a two (2) part assignment. The initial post is due by the date listed on the Dropbox assignment, and the Peer review by the date listed for the forum. Don’t forget to also submit to Turnitin Discussion 2 Dropbox.
Requirements: 350 for the post and 200 words for two student in there post each one at lease 100 words

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