Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Your task here is to demonstrate your understanding of formatting as a writing tool. HOW an author tells you a story influences your reception of it. Kincaid makes sure her story is NOT what a reader would typically expect. Your answer needs to analysis HOW, WHERE, and WHY she does this. WHAT are the unconventional formatting choices made by this author?
What are the EFFECTS of her unconventional choices?
Technical details: 1) a clear thesis: it must name the pieces of fiction and authors, as well as contain a method of development/branches; 2) a multi-paragraph structure: organize your body paragraphs around your thesis promise, modeling your outline after the examples demonstrated on the document, Assignment Submission Guidelines, page 2; 3) well-developed body paragraphs: 10 sentences + for each paragraph is a college-level standard; this is how much space you need to PROVE your claims; 4) well-developed introduction and conclusion paragraphs: your introduction must contain not only a thesis, but also a hook or lead-in; your conclusion must do more than merely summarize; 5) use of the third-person academic voice: analysis does NOT use the individual first-person voice; instead, the 3rd person is required; 6) textual evidence as specific support: small integrated quotes and/or paraphrase are REQUIRED as the EVIDENCE for your claims; 7) 5 Paragraphs are the minimum requirement for this.You can also find the story online or i can share a pdf it is a rather short story not very long.
Requirements: 5 paragraphs Minimum   |   .doc file

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