Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology discussion question and need an exp

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.Earlier we used the term Paradigm. Two Paradigms that have a strong role in our culture and affect our assumptions, about people, life, scientific processes and particularly evolution are the paradigms of The Great Chain of Being and Essentialism. It is important for us to be aware of the impact of these paradigms on our perceptions of the world and reality. By becoming aware we are able to begin the process of shifting our paradigms and learn science with an open mind. (Links to an external site.)Manuel Lima’s (Links to an external site.)Ted Talk How to View the History of Knowledge – Link (Links to an external site.)Watch this scientist talk about the way that these ideas or ideologies mislead scientists and how the work of science actually helps lead us away from our wrong way of thinking towards newer insights, like the networking imagery discussed in the Ted talk.Scientist, Ernst Mayr discusses ESSENTIALISM in this video – LinkThe “Great Chain of Being” or Scala Naturae, has affected the way we have thought about our relationship with nature, for a very long time. Many early scientists were unable to understand nature because of this notion that all of nature forms a hierarchy with God and the saints and angels followed by mankind at the top of the scale and all the lowly creatures and plants and insects below us.We understand today that this kind of thinking is backward. It doesn’t have a place in the study of nature. -Germs are low on the scale according to the Great Chain of Being Paradigm but in fact, we have learned that they are very powerful they have wiped out populations! So we now see how not focussing on the power of the”lowly” germ would interfere with our true understanding of the causes of illnesses. We have the misconception that evolution happens for a reason and is headed towards the best form or towards a goal, and this simply is not so. Nature changes course many times and what works at one time doesn’t necessarily work at another timewe may think that we were meant to look as we do today as homo sapiens, but when we study the fossil record we see that there were environmental conditions that affected how organisms survived and which features hung on and which changed.
And environmental conditions are changing all the time.
There is no end to evolution there is always more change.
We are not the final goal. It is random there is no goal.
WHAT TO DO:********Assignment: taking all the information above into account as well as what you have read in our text book1). What are you thoughts today about Evolution? How do you understand it?
2) Try to Talk about Evolution in a new way Remembering that variation and mutation are the key to being able to evolve. The most important thing to remember is that change can only happen at the species level which means one member does not change in its own lifetime – the species changes because certain members with certain features already existing are better suited to a new environmental stress so they get to survive and make babies and other members of the species do not.
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