InstructionsTask: Drug Dosage – Individual TaskInstructions :Solve the following

InstructionsTask: Drug Dosage – Individual TaskInstructions :Solve the following dosing exercises. Each exercise is worth 3 points. 1. The physician order is cephaloxin is 1.5 GM. P.O., Bid. Available are 500 mgs capsules. How many capsules should the patient receive?2. Amoxicillin 375 mg is ordered for a pediatric client. P.O., qid. The drug is available 125 mg per 5ml. Calculate the amount to be administered.3. The order is Morphine gr ¼ I.M. Stat. Morphine 30 mg/ml is available. How much should you administer?4. The patient should receive nitroglycerin gr 1/150 Stat, SL. The drug is available in 0.4mg and 0.6mg tablets. Perform the calculation for each of the available tablets. Explain which of the two presentations you would administer to the patient.a)b)5. The prescribed order is heparin 8,000 U. Heparin is available in 10,000 U / 0.5ml. How much should the client receive?6. The order is Haldol 15 mg P.O. tid. Available is Haldol in ½ gr. tablets. How much should the customer administer?7. The patient should receive 0.25mg of Digoxin IV daily. Digoxin 500mcg/2ml is on hand. Perform the calculation and determine the amount to administer.8. The patient has an order for 1000ml of D5W in 4 hrs. The line to be used has a drop factor of 20 gtt/ml.a) Calculate ml / hrb) Calculate gtts./min.9. Customer is to receive a drug X dil. in 50 ml of NSS. to be administered in 30 min. The available set is 20 gtts/ml.a) Calculate ml / hr.b) Calculate gtts/min.10. The adult dose of Practic med is 120 mg.a) Calculate the dose for a 3 year old child.b) Calculate the dose for a 9 month old infant.c) Calculate the dose for a child weighing 55 lbs.Translated with (free versionSources: -Citation Style: APA 7th edition2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)
Requirements: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

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