I have attached the rubric and sources!Guy Debord – theorist, philosopher, filmm

I have attached the rubric and sources!Guy Debord – theorist, philosopher, filmmaker, and artist – wrote The Society of the Spectacle in 1967. The book concerns itself with the shifting parameters of the time and culture’s engagement in the mediated experience. At that time, television and magazines were the things that were pulling people away from the direct experience of their lives and thrusting them into mediated experiences of their lives. The uncanny thing about this book is that it could have been written yesterday about the current situation of the mediated experience.This assignment covers the first chapter “Separation Perfected” (link to book below assignment). Each chapter is divided into short, numbered theses. Read the entire first chapter (Theses 1-34) and then pick one thesis to respond to. You will begin your response by including the number and the text of the thesis that you are writing about. You will then provide two paragraphs that outline:1. Your interpretation of the thesis from both a personal level and from a view of the culture-at large2. How the thesis pertains generally to our current cultural moment of being on social media and/or online activity. You will then provide a specific example, providing a comparison between the thesis and a particular component of online life.Online version of The Society of the SpectacleAlso, here are a couple links that will provide further insight and interpretation of the text. Please be sure to properly credit any writing that is not yours! Hyperallergic articleThe Guardian article
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