Please find,( I already find a pdf article, read i

Please find ( I already find a pdf article read it) summarize and post a PDF of a peer-reviewed academic article that deals with hip hop and feminism. For your summary and analysis please answer the following questions: Who wrote the article? What is their position on the subject? Do you agree with their position? What kind of evidence do they use to support their claims/critiques/observations about hip hop and feminism? This portion of the response should be about two paragraphs and include at least two quotations from the text.. The first part (posting and summarizing) is due on Wednesday before noon. Please post your article as a PDF (see below for details) ****Note: In order to receive full credit you must save the article as a PDF and attach it to your summary. Do not post the URL. Remember other people need to be able to access your article easily. Providing access to the PDF is part of your assignment and you will lose points for not following directions.

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