Listen to the following speech on re

Listen to the following speech on religious intolerance.Hana was 15 years old and a Sophomore at CajonHigh School (right across from Cal States main campus) during academic year 2018-2019. Now at 17 and a senior she is still part of her schools Speech and Debate Team.She researched and wrote the speech on her own while her teachers and parents gave her some feedback. She won several regional and state awards and qualified for national competition. By Speech competition regulations she has to memorize and deliver her speech in its entirety. No notes are allowed. Hana is also an Irish dancer. She has competed Nationally and in Canada at the North American championship. She is currently training for World Championship. Her speech combines her Islamic faith and passion for Irish dancing. The version you are watching was recorded in March 2020 in our campus rec center. It was supposed to be delivered on campus but due to COVID-19 campus shut down an hour before delivering her speech to World of Islam (Winter 2020 in front of 230 students). Please give her your honest feedback by answering the following three questions: (at least 4-5 sentences per question). 1-What specific SINGLE example was most compelling to you and WHY? 2-Overall what do you think was the speechs STRONGEST argument? 3-Overall what do you think may have been the speechsWEAKESTaspect?

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