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one page watch a youtube video then talk about how you feel about the exercise and if the activity includes any of the Psycho- motoric skills below The catalogue further states that physical development courses aim to increase body sensory awareness (and) physical abilities. This aim is achieved by the guided doing of physical movements your creation of psycho-motor self knowledge by way of reflecting in your logs and finally the added value of sharing that knowledge with your facilitator. Reflection must include the following psycho-motoric skills: a. Cardiovascular endurance: to continue activity for a long period of time. b. Muscular endurance: to maintain the use of a particular set of muscles for a long period of time. c. Strength: to be able to exert tension against resistance which is gradually increasing. d. Flexibility: to achieve a wide range of motion in the joints to attain efficiency and minimize injury. e. Agility: to move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control. f. Dexterity: to manage ones body efficiently and with grace. g. Simple Adaptive Skill: to be able to adapt ones body efficiently to new environmental demands. Edit questions attachments..

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