Double spacing, APA format. Each question has different requirement for referenc

Double spacing, APA format. Each question has different requirement for references. All the questions are as bellow.Question 1) select any article from LinkedIn. And write two paragraphs based on that article. Include the link for the article and provide one reference. Article can be any topic, it DOSE NOT have to be about cyber security. Article MUST BE from LinkedIn. Minimum 150 Words for this answer. Question 2) Using visualization for data exploration is different from presenting results to stakeholders. How will data scientists know which presentation is the best choice for the objective? Do we only focus on the audience? Do we take into consideration the actual data available? Or some combination?Review the visuals starting in Chapter 1 of our Big Data text. Who is the audience for many of the visuals presented in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2? From your perspective, why were those types of visuals chosen?In Chapter 3 we began the introduction to the R language with many different types of visuals included. Chapters 4 and 5 continue with the more advanced analytic theory and methods we can use when performing the necessary analysis of big data. What are the differences between the visuals presented in Chapter 3 and those in Chapters 4 and 5? Why are these more advanced approaches needed?Hopefully these questions will help in focusing on the assignment for this week. These questions are not to be copied and answered but are included to help direct you on the path to complete the paper.Please prepare a paper that focuses on the actual visual selection effort. You can use examples of visuals in our text to help explain your statement of the approach to use when selecting the type of visual for any data analysis presentation. Justify your statement using examples. If you copy any visual from any source you must include the correct citation and reference. Yes, you will need to use our text and include it as a reference. You can use any reliable source as needed. Reliable means the source is verifiable. Sources such as Wikipedia, and other ‘answer’ sites are unacceptable. Any use of these sites will result in 0 points for the information from the resource. There should be 0 grammatical errors including spelling. This is a masters level class and at this level the work submitted should be free of such errors.Include a cover page, any in-text citations as needed, and all references used, following APA formatting. You must always use your own wording and you must always include all the sources used for the work submitted.The deliverable should be between 3-4 content pages. “Content pages” would not include a cover page, nor pages of visuals, nor the reference pageQuestion 3)Our text covers two specific items under Advanced Analytical Theory and Methods – Clustering and Association. Using your own wording, please explain why these two specific approaches are needed. Please include examples that are not covered in the text.Feel free to contribute personal experiences that further the discussion topic(s). Provide constructive feedback. Responses of little or general feedback such as “good job” will not suffice. Why is it useful? How can it be improved? What considerations need to be mentioned?Per APA style guidelines, original student posts should contain at least one author and date method of in-text citation. Example: John (2019) stated that data analysis or “Data Analytic tools are used to crunch figure to make it easy to read and form opinions.” (John, 2019, p. 56). Include a reference at the end of your original post.
To be considered for a grade, original posts must contain a minimum of 150 -300 words and replies a minimum of 100 words each.
Question 4) Write 200 to 300 words defining a multilayer defense in telecommunication network security and why it is used.
Requirements: Total pages for the assignments are 7

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