BRAINSTORMING DISCUSSIONS MODULEYou will be engaging in brainstorming discussion

BRAINSTORMING DISCUSSIONS MODULEYou will be engaging in brainstorming discussions in this course. Follow these guidelines for each week’s brainstorming discussion:Read the specific instructions for each week’s discussion.
The initial post, with added file, is due by FRIDAY at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. This a post of first impression and should contain your initial thoughts as to the report content. These thoughts will likely change after the brainstorming discussion is complete.
Response posts to address at least FOUR different classmates over THREE or more days throughout the week.
The discussion closes on Tuesday at 11:59 PM Eastern Time with no work accepted after the deadline.
Must use course material with APA in-text citations and reference list for the FRIDAY post AND the FINAL assignment.
The Final assignment must reflect the discussion over the week.
Professional tone and business writing are required. NO contractions.
Must write in your own words. NEVER use quotations.
NEVER post using a question and answer format.
Use headers and paragraph format.
There are no makeups or extensions for brainstorming discussions.
NEVER edit a post once it is submitted.
NEVER post attachments for the discussion portion (use the text box).
Submit an ATTACHMENT for your final post for the week. Word documents ONLY. No PDF’s.
Requirements: 2 pg

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