AT&T – Time Warner Merger Develop a valuation plan for a proposed merger and acq

AT&T – Time Warner Merger Develop a valuation plan for a proposed merger and acquisition activity. Using related scholarly sources, you will prepare a report that will provide an analysis of the pre-and post-merger valuation strategies used in merging or acquiring the selected target company. You will support your findings and recommendations with evidence from at least four scholarly and/or professional sources in addition to the required annual reports. Be sure to include any links to professional websites used as references or to access company information. The completed report must include the following elements. Within the company profiles, assess each of the organizations’ values, and include a summary of the financial statements of both companies for the last three years, explaining their strengths and weaknesses. Incorporate any pertinent revisions to your original work based on instructor feedback.
Analyze strategic alternatives to mergers and acquisitions, and explain why the acquiring company would choose to combine forces with the target company instead of remaining independent.
Utilize ethical and professional standards, and explain the various types of synergies that the acquiring company may anticipate this merger or acquisition will create.
Explain the role of the premium in this merger or acquisition valuation.
Apply appropriate principles of valuation to both the acquiring and target companies. Analyze various business valuation techniques, and explain what would make a merger or acquisition a positive Net Present Value (NPV) project for the acquiring company.
Explain what you could learn from the market’s reaction to this acquisition announcement.
Implement a strategy for integration and restructuring.Execute a no premium strategy to buy the target company.Explain what your earnings per share will be after the merger, and recommend techniques to minimize tax consequences.
Execute an offer of an exchange ratio such that, at current pre-announcement share prices for both firms, the offer represents a 20% premium to buy the target company.Explain what your earnings per share will be after the merger, and recommend techniques to minimize tax consequences.
Explain how shareholders could reduce their losses from the coinsurance effect in relation to the planned merger or acquisition.
Explain how the merger or acquisition could benefit the shareholders.
Also please note that the paper should be 20% or less for originality score, includes an introduction paragraph which will state the purpose for the report and the recommendations for action should be stated. The paper should also include an executive summary which will include a concise summary of the business report. Essentially, this section should (a) restate the purpose of the report, (b) highlight the major points of the report, and (c) describe any results, conclusions, or recommendations from the report. The paper should also have titles for all the posts requested in the response and a conclusion. Lastly, please use at least 4 scholarly and or academically journal as resources. Grading for this paper are as follows: Total Possible Score: 25.00 Assesses Each of the Organizations’ Values, and Summarizes the Financial Statements of Both Companies for the Last Three Years (2.50 points) Analyzes Strategic Alternatives to Mergers and Acquisitions, and Explains Why the Acquiring Company Would Choose to Combine Forces with the Target Company Instead of Remaining Independent (2.50 points) Utilizing Ethical and Professional Standards, Explains the Various Types of Synergies that the Acquiring Company May Anticipate this Merger or Acquisition Will Create (2.50 points) Explain the Role of the Premium in this Merger or Acquisition Valuation (2.50 points) Applying Principles of Valuation to Both the Acquiring and Target Companies, Analyzes Various Business Valuation Techniques, and Explains What Would Make a Merger or Acquisition a Positive NPV Project for the Acquiring Company (2.50 points) Explains What Could be Learned From the Market’s Reaction to this Acquisition Announcement (2.50 points) Implements a Strategy for Integration and Restructuring (2.00 points) Executes a No Premium Strategy to Buy the Target Company, and Explains What the Earnings Per Share Will be After the Merger (2.00 points) Executes an Offer of an Exchange Ratio, and Explains What the Earnings Per Share Will Be After the Merger (2.00 points) Explains How Shareholders Could Reduce Losses From the Coinsurance Effect in Relation to the Planned Merger or Acquisition (1.50 points) Explains How the Merger or Acquisition Could Benefit the Shareholders (1.50 points)
Requirements: 15 -18 pages   |   .doc file

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