***2 PAGES*** Introduction The very fact that the main character in The Hunger

Introduction The very fact that the main character in The Hunger Artist is an artist means that his starvation is (or is attempting to be) symbolic. Pieces of art by definition represent parts of life express the inexpressible show the unseen or “ most simply “ stand in for something else. Here we have an artist whose work of art is not only his own body “ the way it might be for a dancer actor comedian etc. “ it is the mistreatment of his body. Furthermore we have an audience willing to watch self-inflicted pain. Activity Instructions Consider both versions of The Hunger Artist “ Kafkas prose and Crumb and Mairowitzs graphic novel. Citing specific moments from the stories “ as well as from Foster and the lectures as you see fit “ write a detailed essay about the following: What does the Huger Artists performance symbolize and why has he chosen starvation as his means of expression? What is Kafka saying about the relationship between an artist and his or her audience? According to Kafka must that audience always involve someone suffering? Given the two versions of the story in which ways does the graphic novel succeed at being Kafka-esque and in which ways is the prose version more effective? Writing Requirements (APA format) 2-3 pages (approx. 300 words per page) not including the reference page 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Referencepage (minimum of 3 outside resources)

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