1. Define the definition of Creation and Evolution (5 points) 2. Fill out the  b

Define the definition of Creation and Evolution (5 points) Fill out the blank (2 points per each) 1) Age of Universe: ( )u200bu200bu200b2) Age of Earth: ( ) 3) Number of chromosomes in sperm or ovum of human: ( )u200b 4) When the first living thing was formed? ( ) 5) How many DNA base pairs are in a single cell of human body? ( ) What God created each day in the Bible? (5 points) (1st day ) ( 2ndDay ) ( 3rdday ) (4th day ) ( 5th day )( 6thday ) 5 steps of scientific approach(5 points) ( ) Describe the 5 steps of life cycle. (5 points) ( ) What are the characteristics of living things? (10 points) Choose the examples for genotype and phenotype in the box below (5 points) Genotype: ( u200bu200bu200bu200bu200b u200b) Phenotype: (u200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200b) Ex : Hair color Finger print DNA sequence Eye color Chromosome type RNA sequences Blood type A Allergy reaction Blood type BB Height Describe the natural selection and example. (5 points) Explain what is the preadaptation (5 points) How the living organisms are using the light energy for their living? (5 points) What are the problems of macroevolution? (5 points) Explain about the difference of the Day used in the Genesis chapter 1 and using in science.(5 points) What is the chemical evolution? (5 points) Criticize the concept of organic evolution. (10 points) What is the difference of the creation between human and other creatures in the Bible? (5 points) What do you believe Evolution or Creation? And explain why do you believe it. (10 points)

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